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January 20, 2009, 2:55 pm
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16 January 2009: Right now the SPT Explorer is in port. DET NORSKE VERITAS reports that the Explorer flies under the flag of the Bahamas and is a recent ( 2008 ) build of the Tsuneishi Holdings Corp at its Tadostu (Japan) factory. The Aframax tanker has a deadweight of 105,804 tons is owned by the Teekay Corporation of Vancouver, BC, which, according to Forbes Online, is doing “okay” despite the slump in oil prices.  It’s a pretty orange color…

15 January 2009: In port today is the SKS TAGUS, a tanker that flies under the Norwegian flag and is owned by a Bermuda-based subsidiary of Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi AS (KGJS) a company from Bergen, Norway. The Tagus was commented on, last April, by Jimmy Christie who reports,

SKS Tagus is one of that slightly unusual breed of ships known as ore-bulk-oil carriers or combination carriers… In size terms, as a bulker, she’s Capesize and as a tanker she would be classed as Suezmax. She’s 109,933 tons deadweight on a gross of 63,515 and she was built by Hyundai of Ulsan in South Korea in 1997…

13 January 2009: Yesterday, the Mattea arrived in South Portland. According to this press release the Mattea is  a “127,000 dwt. offshore crude oil shuttle tanker” that is

owned by Penney Ugland Ltd. and managed by Canship Ugland Limited. The shuttle tanker is one of three that moves crude oil production to shore from the Hibernia and Terra Nova fields on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland…

Canship Ungland reports that, “SAMSUNG HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO., LTD” of Seoul, South Korea, built the ship in 1997. Apparently, that makes it pretty old, but people seem to think it is a reasonably “good-looking” ship. Hmm.

9 January 2009: Currently, the Mare Salernum is in port in South Portland. According to this report it’s deadweight is around 110,000 tons, putting it in the “Aframax” category and was built by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. of Tamano, Japan in 2003. The Mare Salernum flies under the Italian flag and is owned by Fratelli D’Amico Armatori S.p.A., Italy.


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[…] dwt Aframax class tanker flying under the Bahamanian flag. It is part of SPT fleet, of which, the SPT Explorer was here in the middle of January. SPT has posted the video below on the subject of […]

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