Ships In Port

March 3, 2009, 11:21 am
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The SKS Segura is in port, but apparently it doesn’t have an AIS transponder (or it is malfunctioning) because it doesn’t appear on the live map of Portland Harbor. Nonetheless, it flies under the flag of Norway and weighs in at 158,000 DWT. The tanker is owned by SKS Obo and Tankers AS (Bermuda/Norway) and is operated by Columbia Shipmanagement of Cyprus/Germany.

Columbia Shipmanagement’s motto is “Their ships are as swift as a bird or a thought.” It’s from book 7 of The Odyssey when Athena, chatting up Odysseus, remarks of “the great-hearted Phaeacians” that,

They, indeed, trusting in the speed of their swift ships, cross over the great gulf of the sea, for this the Earth-shaker has granted them; and their ships are swift as a bird on the wing or as a thought.

Is the Segura is also granted safe, swift-passaged by the “Earth-Shaker?” Hope so.


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The transponder was working when it was sitting out in the harbor during the snowstorm, but stopped sometime mid-day yesterday before it came in.

Comment by Zack

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